Cold Calling Is Dead- Welcome To The Era Of Smart, Targeted Marketing

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Cold calling as a stand-alone lead generation method, and dinosaurs have something in common. They were both representative of a bygone era. Marketers have today realized that cold-calling by itself cannot be an effective lead generation channel.

A cold call? In B2B Sales?
A cold call simply means, calling someone without any context or past interaction whatsoever. No referral. No information. No relationship. No trust or credibility established.

B2B marketing has evolved. So, what is this new era of smart and targeted Marketing all about? The core of Marketing today, is something that is fairly straightforward and has been spoken about, for quite a while – Integrated Marketing Communication. It is about creating marketing strategies to optimize communications and ensure consistent messaging and experiences across customer touch points. The four elements of successful, modern-day marketing are:

modern-day marketing

B2B buyers are not heading to you by themselves. They are not hopping across downtown to get to you. In most cases, they don’t even know you exist. So, how do you make customers come to you in this largely unorganized and noisy world we live in? How do you market to well-informed, smart customers?

Create great content
Content is a great way to get prospects to lower their marketing defence systems for a few minutes. Long enough to get their attention and get them acquainted to your brand.

Move over, cold-calling. There is a new-age, more effective form of lead nurturing in town and we call it ‘warm calling’. This is how it works. So, assume, you have managed to capture a lead through your content and established brand recall, now it’s time to get the lead to further warm up to your brand and establish a more personal connection. This is a critical step that will expedite your prospect’s journey to becoming a customer. This is also the step where you filter out your prospects from others (competitors, non-buyers, researchers etc.) who consume your content. So how this different from cold calling? Just two differences – 1. The prospect is already aware of your brand (from the content they consumed) 2. You are aware of the solution/product that excites the prospect (from the content they consumed).

The general understanding is that a marketer’s job is done once a prospect is in the CRM. But that is not really true in today’s age. At this stage it’s more important to have consistent conversation with the lead to further familiarise them with your brand. Remember, you are the first brand ambassador of our company they spoke to and first impressions last. They may be happy or unhappy with the engagement and try to take subtle hints and convey the message back to teams responsible.

Account management
Ideally, a marketing campaign ends once the prospect becomes a customer. But is that really enough in today’s age? With Satisfaction, and subscription based pay-as-you-go pricing models, it is extremely critical that your customers are happy with your partnership and do not even consider alternate products/services. Consistent communication with customers helps improve their experience, provides opportunities to mine connects inside their company and further grow the account. A delighted customer is also the best advocate for your brand and products.

Marketing has evolved to kill the traditional “cold-calling” but not smart, targeted marketing. Targeted calling strategy is a significant part of every marketing campaign and the beginning of most sales cycles. It has grown to become much more important than before.

About Saleglue:
Saleglue is a B2B Marketing and Demand Gen startup, helping SMEs and enterprises transform their Marketing. At Saleglue, every one of our marketing engagements start with understanding our customer’s customers and that involves trying to be the buyer. We help build your brand awareness, fill your sales pipeline with leads, nurture them and convert them to customers.

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